Zimpler Payment Option

Zimpler is an invoicing company which helps make online payment easier. The method consists in a solid identification of the buyer using his or her mobile phone. Once the request for payment has started, for instance on a Zimpler casino, the owner of the mobile phone receives an SMS with a confidential code related to the purchase. If this code is used, the purchase is confirmed and a separate invoice is sent to the buyer via electronic means. This invoice can then be paid in several ways (which include Autogiro), saving from users the trouble to provide confidential information to Zimpler casinos’ cashiers.

This method is originated in Sweden (where invoice payments are now very popular) and intended mostly for Scandinavian countries (Finland in particular).

Open a Zimpler Account

Zimpler is available for everybody having a registered person number in Sweden and Finland. All which is needed to work with Zimpler is making a first purchase: once Zimpler knows your name, person number (Swedish or Finnish ID), mobile number, they will run a “soft” credit check which will confirm that your financial position makes you eligible for credit. Sometimes, driver license details are asked in order to confirm data and verify buyer’s identity.

Additional Zimpler advantages

Zimpler does not charge any extra fees. In addition, one of the most valuable Zimpler services to its users is the possibility to negotiate an additional delay when it is financially difficult to meet the payment deadline. It is important to accurately manage this opportunity, because any failure to pay bills within the 14 day billing period involves a reminder sent via post that includes a late fee of 49 SEK. The late fee will increase if the invoice continues to remain unpaid. Finally, Zimpler will turn over the invoice to the debt collection agency Alektum Inkasso.

Being only an invoicing company, Zimpler does not allow its users to withdraw money from a casino and therefore a different banking option must be chosen in order to retrieve any of your winnings.

Support is available at no additional cost at +46 (0) 775-161 740 (Sweden) and +358 (0) 9-424 50 774 (Finland); also via Email at [email protected]

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