Yandex Money

Yandex Money Payment Option

With 68 million Internet users, Russia is a major field in the Internet area and Yandex is its most important website, with its nearly 100 million daily search requests. It was therefore quite natural for this Russian search engine to become one of the biggest providers of online payment transactions in its home market: the Yandex Money eWallet already has 18 million open accounts and this number keeps growing by an average of 12,000 every single day. Therefore it is not surprising that you will find also Yandex Money casinos among the 65.000 online businesses which accept this payment option.
Also account holders at the largest bank in Eastern Europe, Russian bank Sberbank, are eligible to an online account with Yandex Money. It is no secret in fact that this important eWallet is a joint venture of Yandex and Sberbank.

Get a Yandex Money Account

All you have to do to sign up at Yandex is filling a short request on their website at the link presented at the bottom of this page. You will be able to choose your own username and password., which is called ecoAccount, you only need to fill an online form which is available for you by clicking on the convenient link which you will find at the bottom of this page.
Once your Yandex Money is open and active, you will be able to instantly feed your account and use your balance to play at any Yandex Money casino, without any need to visit personally a physical bank or point of sale. Sent money will be immediately credited and your deposit will be instantly visible on the casino cashier page.

Additional Yandex Money Advantages

Yandex Money is very popular among both online sellers and buyers, since it provides them with great tools which make payments easier, like the possibility for customers to withdraw money and to set up recurring payments, 1-click payments and automatic debits.
On the other hand, merchants appreciate the integrated payment solution, which is a complete package which enables even foreign shops to receive payments not only with Yandex Money but also with debit and credit cards, Russian cash and mobile carrier billing. Access to 170,000 payment kiosks all over Russia is a facility that few other banking systems can offer.
Please note that you cannot use the eWallet of Yandex Money also to withdraw money from your casino winnings, therefore it cannot be considered a viable withdrawal option.
If you want to open your personal Yandex Money account now, here is a convenient link for you: OPEN A YANDEX MONEY ACCOUNT HERE