Ewire Payment Option

Ewire is a payment method enabling its users to enjoy the benefits of an online account which is much more flexible than a regular banking account: available at any hour and in any day, this eWallet service gives players of Ewire casinos the ability to deposit and withdraw at their will, provided they also have an account at a regular bank.

An Ewire account can be funded also with most popular credit cards (like Visa and MasterCard) and it proves very effective when used to instantaneously make a bank transfer, like when you want to make a deposit at the cashier of PlayMillion casino. Ewire accounts can currently hold Danish, Swedish or Norwegian Kroner transactions.

Open an Ewire Account

In order to open an account with Ewire you only need to fill the form which you will find following the link at the bottom of this page.

You will then be able to deposit money in your account, which you will later use in order to play at PlayMillion.com (which is of course an Ewire casino) or to order goods and services from many other vendors. There is no maximum sum on Ewire accounts.

A complete Frequently Asked Question section awaits you at http://www.ewire.dk/dk/support.aspx (the whole page is available in Danish, Swedish and English).

You will be able to discover the very high security standards which Ewire has imposed upon itself and the huge technology investments which it has done in order to give its many users the most modern electronic wallet services. Ewire’s support will answer your queries at [email protected].

Additional Ewire Tips

Here is a tip to lower the costs of using Ewire services to Ewire casino players: you should know that if a user does not make any transaction and his account stays inactive for 12 month, Ewire will charge him an inactivity fee.

Now, a very useful tip for PlayMillion Casino players would be: if for any reason you have not logged into your Ewire account for nearly one year, you can avoid these inactivity fees just by logging in and out once. No need to perform any transaction, deposit or withdrawal.

Your login will be enough to reset the 12-month clock.
If you want to open an Ewire account now, here is a convenient link for you: