Przelewy24 Payment Option

Przelewy24 is a safe and fast online banking payment service, which enables its users to move funds directly from their bank or credit card. Payments may be done from a selected list of Polish banks. The main advantage of this bank transfer payment method is that even if your bank does not open 24/24 and 7/7, you can count on Przelewy24 to transfer your funds regardless of time and day. The only currency supported by Przelewy24 to date is the Polish Zloty.

Open a Przelewy24 Account

In order to deposit money to a Przelewy24 casino account, you do not need to open an account with Przelewy24: you only need to have a positive balance in your account at one of the listed banks in Poland. Then, in order to use Przelewy24, you need to contact one of their sales representatives.

You can do that by following the link at the bottom of this page.
The website of the company provides a very clear Frequently Asked section in Polish at page,23,faq.htm (a less complete English FAQ is offered at page,100,faq.htm).

Customer service can be joined by phone at +48 61 642 93 44 and 801 00 33 24, while tech support will respond you at +48 61 642 93 43. Both can also be reached by fax at +48 61 642 90 31 or by Email at [email protected]

Additional Przelewy24 Services

This excellent payment option allows Przelewy24 casinos players to transfer funds also through SMS, online e-wallets, and even direct cash payments. PlayMillion’s cashier can receive your Przelewy24 casino funds coming from any of these payment options. However, Przelewy24 cannot be used to withdraw any amount of money, including eventual casino gains.

If you want to register with Przelewy24, here is a convenient link for you: